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What is hindko

Hindko is a language, which is spoken by people of Hazara division. Hazara division is a quite large area of Pakistan which is situated at north of Pakistan. Hazara is a place which is loved by everyone. Hazara has big cities Like Abbottabad ,Mansehra, Haripur, Havelian, Khanpur, Ogi, Batgram, Daso, Kagan, Balakot and much more.


Welcome to is the only hindko website which is serving hazar-e-wall's since is a pure hindko website which contains a large data of hindko language.we try to bring all hazar-e-wall's to the front of the world .Slowly and stadely we are growing as a big website of hindko.As you noticed we change our website a lot .first we started with the unicode website of hindko our large visitors of hazarewall's told us to change it because of the font behavier . So we moved to a flash web site which was looking very nice but again large visitors had a complaint of slow loading because ofthere net conection.Sowe are moving again to the new idea of . This time we are keeping hindko website to very simple .Hope this time every visitor will enjoy fast loading.Here we still kept all previes pages unicode hindko website and flash hindko website. you will only find this english text here not anywere els on this hindko web site. Admin

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Hindko mp3 songs Download

We have almost 199 mp3 hindko songs of many hindko singers for download. Please go to our download page and select hindko singer of your choice and click the hindko mp3 link and download the hindko mp3 song.COMING SOON
Afshan zebi's 20 songs are available to DOWNLOAD

Hazara "the heaven on earth"